Pencils Down, Anxiety Up

Big projects can be hard to finish. Hard in that. . . “I’m losing steam and I just don’t know how to actually finish this project kind of way”. But also hard in the OMG “What am I going to do when I’m finished?” way. That’s absolutely what I’ve been feeling. I feel like I’ve graduated from college and have just realized I have NO JOB PROSPECTS. Remember that feeling? I’m being dramatic – but it’s tricky to go from a day full of very scheduled work to a day of, “hey, maybe there’s something good on LifeTime!” Obviously there are always things in life to get back to, and if you are lucky and have the time there are books to read. But it’s just another reminder that freelance life is full of some wild ups and downs.

What do you do when you’ve finished a big project and haven’t started another yet? I’m going to throw myself back into the blogosphere and twitter, think about new projects, and hope to get excited about something new soon!



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5 responses to “Pencils Down, Anxiety Up

  1. amyg

    i was wondering where you were…glad to see (read) you again.

    i avoid “i’m finished, now what” anxiety by constantly having at least two or more projects in my queue. of course, the flip side of this tactic means that it takes even longer to finish any one of the projects on my hard-drive (hard drive being both metaphorical and literal).

    if i am lucky enough to finish something, i treat myself to a shopping trip at my favorite independent bookseller, a movie, or a coffee (or all three depending on the effort needed to finish). a few hours alone with a lot of cool books usually gets my ideas going again. i also take time off to read through old journals and remember where i was before i was finished.

    good luck with your next adventure.

  2. Welcome back! I’m sure you’ll find something to throw yourself into very soon.
    I’m like amyg… I usually have 3 or 4 things going at once so there’s always something else that needs my attention.
    good to see you in the blogosphere again!

  3. Fool that I am, I generally have two major projects going at a time. My issue is not only am I graduating from college without job prospects, I still have to wade my way through grad school.

    I take it your book’s done?

  4. My solution is not to finish big projects. Then you never have that problem…

    • I think you are a genius. Seriously. That solution would save me thousands in therapy. . think of all the projects I could start with that money. And then not finish! Brilliant!

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