Coming on July 9th!

I’m giving a free webinar at Writer’s Digest’s website today at 1 p.m. if you’re up for it. Hope to see you there.



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8 responses to “Coming on July 9th!

  1. Great news Paula! Can’t wait to read the book and have you back blogging again!

  2. Thanks for your heartfelt nudge and useful information! I’m feeling closer…

  3. susansoares

    Just came from this webinar and it was very helpful. I know the story I NEED to write and this helped give me some great tips and sources. I will be picking up the book as well. Thank you and maybe my manuscript will cross your desk someday 😉

  4. Great news!! Looking forward to more blog posts soon Paula – it’s been a while.

  5. Great advice! You’ve given me the push in the tuchas I needed to get my blog going (for platform and writing practice).

  6. Congrats! A new book and a new house–what a year!

  7. I just got the book too–very excited to read it. Thanks for a great webinar.

  8. Enjoyed the webinar. Bribed my kids with video games to be quiet so I could hear. Plus, I let the older two be “bosses” of the younger two.

    I got your book from today and can’t wait to read it. I, too, hope my manuscript will one day be deemed worthy enough to cross your desk.

    I also appreciate the recommendations of other memoirs – I checked out “A Heartbreaking Work…” yesterday. It was encouraging to hear you speak about playing with structure. My memoir structure is a little different. Not as different as AHWOSG, but interesting.

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