I’ve worked in book publishing for 15 years, and always on the agenting side of things. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Diablo Cody, writer of the Oscar-award winning Screenplay Juno and memoir Candy Girl, Alexandra Robbins, The New York Times bestselling author of Pledged, The Overachievers, Quarterlife Crisis and Secrets of the Tomb, American Idol judge Randy Jackson, Kirk Read author of How I Learned to Snap and Bobby Henderson, author of Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  I’ve represented all kinds of fiction, journalism, how-to books, popular culture titles – and my personal favorite, the memoir.  I love memoirs, and I’ll read one on almost any topic.  My all time favorite is Manhattan, When I Was Young by Mary Cantwell.  I read it shortly after I moved to New York from the Midwest and I re-read it almost every year.  It’s that good – but it also reminds me that we all have a story to tell, whether we’ve survived something truly dramatic or have led a relatively quiet and peaceful existence.

I’m the author of Writing & Selling Your Memoir (Writer’s Digest Books).


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  1. Oh, I’m so happy to have found your site (and will definitely be snapping up your book). I love memoirs, I want to write a memoir, and I edit a book about memoirs. (How many more times can I say “memoir”?)

    Mary Cantwell’s list is one I’ve been meaning to read for some time, it sounds fabulous. My favourite memoirs (there I go again) are Waiting for Birdy and Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. I’m a big fan of Diablo Cody too, and very envious that you worked with her.

    Oh, and I see The Bloggess is on your blogroll. I love her site, and can’t wait for her mem- book. 🙂

  2. Manhattan, When I Was Young is The Best. I’m envious that you’ll be reading it for the first time! I must read Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. Second time it’s been mentioned today!

  3. Oh, you should. It’s SO good. And I’ll be looking forward to Mary Cantwell.

  4. So glad to find your site. Memoir is one of my favorite forms, and I find I’m developing quite a collection. Most recently I read “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and my favorite memoir so far has to be “Angela’s Ashes.” McCourt’s style drew me in from the first sentence — I think all his books are amazing. I aspire to write a memoir myself one day, so will definitely keep reading your site.

  5. Me too! I can’t get enough. I’m always looking for new suggestions, and the only annoying thing about writing the book was that I couldn’t read more of them. I know, I re-read McCourt. Amazing. Although, I don’t recommend reading Angela’s Ashes, The Glass Castle, and Blackbird IN A ROW. You’ll end up in bed for a week!

  6. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Your blog is lovely.

    My favorite memoir to date is Kelly Corrigan’s “The Middle Place.” She does such a great job of handling the subject matter, developing characters, creating a sense of place . . . and all with a fantastic sense of humor.

    I, along with everyone else in the world, would also like to write a memoir, and I’m so glad to see you’ve mentioned that even people with “ordinary” experiences have a story to tell. Following you now!

    • I love that memoir. I asked some of my favorite memoir writers to share the titles of their favorite memoirs for my book, and she was kind enough to do it! I love it when authors turn out to be REALLY NICE AND GIVING PEOPLE. I’m always looking for more titles, so let me know what else you’ve got!

  7. I have found through my blogging journey, which is technically in infancy, that writers are the most giving people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I worked in the talent biz for a while and dealt with so many egos… I don’t miss it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Always greatly appreciated. I can’t wait for your book!

  8. I love Diablo Cody. I’ve also recently enjoyed memoirs by Mary Karr and Mary Pipher (I think I may be on a memoir kick). Glad I found your blog (via Twitter!).

  9. I just read Christina Haag’s memoir of her love affair with JFK, Jr. (“Come to the Edge”) and it was very beautifully written. I have to confess that part of me wondered (wished?) that it had more gossip, but it was just very lovely and sad and as a reader I was ultimately grateful for that restraint. It reminded me of another Kennedy-related memoir that I loved, “What Remains” by Carole Radziwill. On a completely different note, I recently saw John Grogan speak and it was nice to get his runaway bestseller “Marley & Me” signed. (He signed it “Woof!”)
    Anyway, thanks for a great blog that I look forward to following.

  10. Miss Frangipani

    I found your blog via Lisa Romeo and it goes to the top of my reader pile. I recently finished Lit by Mary Karr and was enthralled. A class with Kate Hopper has only fueled love for memoir and I hope to find plenty of nuggets here to keep me going. Just one request – the font on the blog (for me) is not easy to read. Could you change it to something…friendlier?

    Thanks and I look forward to updates!

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