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Simone-Says Has a Question

Have a question like Simone? Well then email it! paula@morningmemoir.com Okay! Let’s focus on Simone!

Dear Memoirista:

My question relates to your comment about focusing on a specific time period or situation. I’m struggling to find my hook because my memoir begins with my childhood, growing up in an alcoholic home and how my upbringing affected my teen years and adult years – specifically with my own addictions and the men I loved… (I had a bad picker). I’m 6 years sober, so I’m looking back with sober eyes.

In your opinion, does this concept work? Maybe if I handled each chapter as a self-contain story? Or is it too much subject matter? Or should I pick one relationship, “The Year I Fell Madly in Love with a Madman?” and stick to that situation, adding in parts of my past?

I appreciate any suggestions, comments, advice you can send my way. Seriously – your word is bond. I’m holding off on starting my edits because I value your guidance tremendously. But no pressure… 😉

Thank you (so much),

Dear Simone:
Thanks for writing. This is tricky business indeed (as memoir writing tends to be), and there’s nothing tougher than picking and choosing what to put in and what to leave out. I totally understand your quandary. You mention two totally different structures. . . the short, almost-a-story-in-a-chapter kind of situation (very much like Kirk Read’s How I Learned To Snap, which is GENIUS by the way) – and then a completely different Year In The Life with back flashes kind of thing. . . . VERY DIFFERENT. This makes me think you need to sit back, and consider a few things:

1) What kind of writing shows of your strengths?
2) What kind of writing do you LIKE to do?
3) What new stuff are you adding to your genre? IE What’s your hook?

Overall, Memoirista is diagnosing a structure problem (I know, you already knew that and are thinking DUH, seriously, are you going to help me or what?). Don’t panic. I am going to help. I think you need to list out the “five new things you bring to the table” from chapter four. I think pondering for a spell about which of these two styles is a better fit for your style, voice, writing ability and material should help guide you. What is is about you and YOUR story that we should get excited about? Make a list! See how what you come up with guides you to a structure.

And if you’re still feeling like you have too much stuff, ask yourself those hard questions. Seriously, is this interesting to anyone other than me? Does this need to STAY IN THE JOURNAL?
I hope that sheds some light. . .

Memoirista. . .

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