Why Saturday Morning?

Because There’s Never a Perfect Time To Write Your Memoir. . .

If there’s anything I’ve learned while working in book publishing, its that talent and great ideas will get you nowhere without a commitment to finishing a project.  You could very well be capable of writing a bestselling memoir, but what does it matter if you never actually do it?  We’ve all wished we had more time to do something we love, and all writers long for a peaceful, supportive environment to work in.  But if every writer waited for the perfect set of circumstances before they set out to tell their stories, there would be quite a few empty bookshelves at the Barnes & Noble.  There is never a perfect time to write your memoir, and the reality is that life is so busy that we’re never going to get the uninterrupted stretch of time that we all believe we need.  But Saturday Morning Memoir is here to help.  Saturday morning memoir is about writing your memoir in a systematic way, in blocks of time that fit neatly into our hectic lives.  It can be done when you have a spare hour after work or on weekends, or early in the morning, whatever works for you.  Saturday morning memoir is about writing your memoir in an organized fashion using a series of helpful exercises – not sitting down and haphazardly pounding out whatever comes to mind.  Life requires efficiency, so why can’t writing a book be done the same way?  I’ll be sharing tips, ideas and some exercises throughout the blog.

And I hope you’ll also follow me on twitter!  I’m @memoirista.  See you there!


2 responses to “Why Saturday Morning?

  1. You mean haphazardly pounding out whatever comes to mind won’t eventually lead to a book? 😉 Oh, I so need this site – will look forward to coming back and your forthcoming book!

  2. a long time ago, in a land known as graduateschool, i complained to a professor about not being smart enough to finish my dissertation. he said being smart had nothing to do with it. I believe he said, actually, that a lot of fucking idiots had phds. A dissertation is an act of will, he said. That’s it. You determine to finish it and then you will. Brains are secondary.
    I find this advice both heartening and very depressing. (The smart people with phds part). But mostly it’s encouraging.
    Great idea for a blog! I’ll be back, as the governor of california said once. or twice.

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